New Screenshots for Mars: War Logs

New Screenshots for Mars: War LogsMass Effect Meets Cyberpunk in Mars: War Logs

Science fiction games seem to be uber-hot right now, thanks to the success of games like Bioware’s Mass Effect series. But cyberpunk as a genre in games is also starting to be a new trend for 2013. Mix both and you get something that probably looks a lot like Mars: War Logs – the latest title in development by Focus Home Interactive.

Mars: War Logs is an indie title, but judging from these screenshots and the trailer below, you wouldn’t know it. These graphics are downright stunning, don’t you think? Check out these screenshots and tell me you’re not impressed.

New Screenshots for Mars: War Logs New Screenshots for Mars: War Logs New Screenshots for Mars: War Logs

So it looks great, but what exactly is Mars: War Logs about? Well, obviously, as the title says, gameplay takes place on Mars, otherwise known as the Red Planet. You, the player, will take control of a man named Roy. With Roy, you can determine what sort of gameplay you’ll have – you can customize combat skills so that he’s an all-out fighter or you can make him use stealth. There are also Technomancer powers, which seem very similar to Mass Effect’s biotic powers. You can even combine all three in whatever way you’d like. You’ll be fighting some fairly terrifying looking alien monsters, so be sure to choose well. Mars: War Logs also features a crafting system so that you can customize your weapons.

New Screenshots for Mars: War Logs

Finally, let’s get to the heart of the RPG part of Mars: War Logs, though, shall we? The real turn-on for the game will be dialogue choices. These choices will determine what happens to Roy (and other characters) throughout the course of the game. I’m also assuming this means there will be multiple endings to pursue during gameplay.

Mars: War Logs will be released in Spring 2013 on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and PC.

Want to see more? Check out the trailer below. Sweet, right?

Official Mars: War Logs Website

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