Lost Girl Sneak Peek: Kenzi Gets Stuck and Vex is Still Annoying

Lost Girl “ConFaegion” Sneak Peek

So what the heck is going on with Lost Girl this season? I’m completely lost and haven’t quite figured out what’s what. I suppose that’s the point, though, right? Is Bo good or bad? Will she and Dyson EVER finally get together? Will Kenzi and Hale hook up? So many questions… so little time.

On an all-new episode of Lost Girl, there’s some sort of weird virus going on affecting fae. This clip doesn’t give us a very good look at it, but Dyson and his new partner (I still hate her) seem to be afflicted. But to top everything off, some pig-dude is after Bo. So Kenzi picks up a stick and beats the crap out of him. But now, she’s stuck.

All of this, of course, probably has something to do with a peeved Morrigan.

Of course, Vex is around to quip about that happening to him once. Isn’t he helpful to have around? I’m thinking he’s going to be kicked out of the house any day now.

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Lost Girl on Syfy

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