Sneak Peek at Tonight’s Haven Season Finale

Haven fans can finally rejoice! Tonight, we will finally get to see the two-part season finale and from the looks of the clip below, it is going to be insane. In fact, in a previous interview I did with Haven cast members Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland, the word often used was “epic.”

So what do we see here? Well, it seems like that infamous barn has finally put in an appearance in tonight’s Haven event. And yes, I do approve of blowing the whole thing up. We also have Nathan swearing to protect Audrey, at all costs – but what will those costs be? And can he even do it? Can the Haven-ites actually fight fate?

I guess we’ll know the answers to all of the above tonight. I’m still reeling from the cast telling me that tonight’s finale is probably going to make some of us extremely mad. Rose, Balfour and Copeland all told me that the final hour even messed with their heads. So I guess all we can do is hold on tight, grab those tissues (I’m expecting at last one character death tonight) and tune in to Syfy at 9/8c for Haven.

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