Haven Interview: Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland

Haven Interview: Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland

Haven Fans Can Expect the Unexpected with Haven’s Season Finale

As sad as I was that Haven was sort of put on hold until after the holidays, the reason was understandable. However, the show is coming back with a vengeance for its final two episodes that will air on Syfy on January 17th.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Haven cast members Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland who told me that this season finale was going to be a doozie.

As we have progressed through this season’s story, we’ve learned more about the mythical barn that Audrey Parker is supposed to disappear into. For Rose, the barn – and what it signified – was intriguing. “It’s been really fascinating because this barn has grown some prominence as the season has gone along,” she said. “I think that’s probably the exciting thing about the last episode: how close we get to unearthing this mythical sort of building and what it is.”

Rose continued, “And it’s been fun that it feels in a way like a portal in some manner of the word: kind of like the mystery of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe growing up.”

Balfour discussed the arc that his character has taken this season and into the final episodes. He said, “I don’t know that Duke is more of a good guy this season. I think he is being more true to his nature this season and it has been a really fun dichotomy to play. But I always think there is going to be a struggle in Duke.”

So what about the final episode, the season finale. Balfour teased, “I’m not going to surprise anybody by saying that the season’s going to end with a cliffhanger. I know you all know that and you’re all aware of that. But the season finale of this season is so epic and kick-ass. And the cliffhanger… There are some crazy things going to happen at the end of this season.”

That cliffhanger, Rose stated, even messed with her head.

But what’s going to happen? Copeland opened up… a little. “Without giving away anything,” he said, “there’s one really amazing scene for me as a character in the show and then also, just for me, Adam, sitting there watching this and seeing all of my friends, there’s one moment where you see everyone and all on one spot. And it’s very, very cool to see that because, well, for me personally, as the character who fights, interactive one-on-one or in groups of twos or threes but never all of that. So it was just seeing the scope of kind of the landscape that they painted, along with the landscape of the scene, the physical attributes of the scene, it’s pretty epic, is the right word.”

Balfour wasn’t so secretive, but does, apparently, like to joke around a lot. “I’m just going to reveal a huge secret. I’m just going to do it and see if I get in trouble,” he started (and I could hear him smirking. “Audrey, Duke, Nathan, Dwight and Vince and Dave all have an orgy.”

But Balfour did let something slip out that may not have been a joke. He said, “Somebody very well may die at Duke’s hand in the season finale.” Oooh… that’s a nice teaser, is it not? But who that someone might be, who knows?

Obviously, the cast weren’t going to give much away. I even asked about the Colorado Kid and if he’s someone we’ll ever see on-screen. All Balfour replied with? “Supercalifragalisticexpialadocious.” That’s it. Along with Balfour complaining about Duke’s nose being bigger than his.

So what did I learn in talking to these three? Well, I did find out that the season finale was going to be “epic” and huge, as to be expected. Otherwise, I found out that these three like to joke around a lot. But such great chemistry is what makes Haven so much fun to watch.

Don’t miss the final two episodes of Haven on Syfy on January 17th.

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