Fringe: This is The End – Make It Good

So who has been watching the final season of Fringe? It’s hard to believe that it will all be over tomorrow night, but the cold hard reality is that we finally have to say good-bye to Walter, Peter and Olivia. But just how exactly will it end?

Here’s the part where I insert my opinion about Fringe ries so far this season. I have been terribly disappointed with this future world run by the Observers and with the Fringe team (who are no longer the Fringe team) doing nothing more than seeking out parts for this machine that needs to be created to fix things, it’s felt like more running around and doing nothing interesting than anything. I miss the actual Fringe events and how the team had to investigate those. Now they’re just fugitives, on the run and it just feels stale.

However, with that being said, once they brought in the child observer, I felt that things picked up in this season of Fringe. But last week, we were more or less told that the whole purpose is to reset the universe. Again. And I was extremely disappointed that this could be the route the show takes at the end. I would rather see a world taken over by Observers (with the Fringe team eventually coming Observers) than hit the reset button. It feels like a cheat – a way to tell us viewers that we have been watching a future that will never be and that we, as fans of the show, have been wasting our time watching.

In the following trailer, we see Fringe break yet one of its other rules. The “other” universe is supposed to be unobtainable now. But our team have obviously found a way around that. It feels like yet another cop-out. In fact, I’m guessing once that giant reset button is hit, all of those character deaths we mourned early on will be null and void. Bah, humbug.

Anyway, watch this clip and tell me how you think it will end. The Fringe finale airs tomorrow night (Friday) on FOX at 8/7c.

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