Early Artwork Shows Off Jane Jensen’s Moebius

Moebius, the successful Kickstarter project from Jane Jensen’s Pinkerton Road, could easily be one of the most anticipated indie games of 2013. Not only is the game being written by Jensen herself – one of the most talented writers in the industry – but its Art Director is Andy Hoyos – who worked as an artist for Sierra Online.

For you young folks who may not remember the 1990’s or are not aware of Sierra games, know this: both Jensen and Hoyos helped Sierra Online put PC point-and-click adventure games on the map. Some of the most beloved titles in video gaming came from this studio, including the Gabriel Knight and Knight’s Quest series.

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s talk about the new game: Moebius. What’s it about?

In philosophy, the Moebius Theory tells us about history being defined as energy patterns that repeat themselves over and over. This causes “ripples” that occur throughout history. The theory is top secret and is only known by a covert group in the U.S. known as F.I.S.T. (Future Intelligence Service and Technology). This organization is overseen by a billionaire named Amble Dexter. In Moebius, you play antiquities dealer Malachi Rector who has been hired by Dexter to investigate a series of events.  As Rector progresses through the game, he begins to see that everything is part of a “larger pattern.”

In an interview with VG24/7, Jensen said that the game shared similarities with the Gabriel Knight series that she wrote. As a fan of that series myself, I am definitely intrigued.

But what will the game look like? Well, we’ve got a few pieces of concept art and screenshots that may give you an idea.

Early Artwork Shows Off Jane Jensen's Moebius
The mysterious Amble Dexter
Early Artwork Shows Off Jane Jensen's Moebius
Malachi Rector
Early Artwork Shows Off Jane Jensen's Moebius
The desert

But wait, there’s more! How about some game background art? Look how gorgeous these are!

Early Artwork Shows Off Jane Jensen's Moebius
The Doge’s Palace in Italy
Early Artwork Shows Off Jane Jensen's Moebius
Venice, Italy


For more information on Moebius, visit the Pinkerton Road websiteMoebius is currently being developed for PC, Mac and iOS.

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