New Defiance Trailer Shows Off Series’ More Dramatic Side

Dear Syfy, thank you for putting the words “sci fi” back into your vocabulary. After the stunning premiere of Continuum last night and with Defiance to look forward to, it seems that actual science fiction on television is starting to make a comeback.

In this new trailer for Defiance, we see what civilization looks like in the series, along with a peek at the show’s more dramatic side. We also get a good look at the awesome Julie Benz – one of the show’s stars. I haven’t even seen Defiance yet and I am in love with it. I swear if Syfy cancels after one season, HEADS WILL ROLL. Seriously.

Also, the beta begins for the Defiance MMO on Friday. I have a beta key in-hand and am ready to roll. I plan to play for a few hours to get a feel for it and then report back over at Rant Gaming, so be looking forward to that. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Defiance MMO game will run in sequence with the series and events in the game will affect the series and vice versa. It’s a very unique concept in both television and gaming and if anyone can pull it off, its game dev TRION and Syfy.

We still have a few months before the premiere of Defiance, so mark your calendars for April 15 at 9/8 on Syfy.

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