Continuum Creator and Cast Discusses Time Travel and Coming to the US

Continuum: Interview with Simon Barry, Rachel Nichols & Victor Webster

Continuum: Interview with Simon Barry, Rachel Nichols & Victor Webster

In a recent interview with Continuum creator Simon Barry, along with show stars Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster, we discussed various elements of the series, along with what they think makes the show tick.

To start, what’s a science fiction show without cool technology? When asked about their favorite tech on the show, the cast were quick to respond. Nichols went first: “I would take my Multi-tool. It’s small. It travels well. It does legitimately anything I could possibly need it to do in any situation.”

Barry answered, “I would definitely take the CMR chip because I have a terrible memory and I need as much help as I can get.”

Webster couldn’t give a serious response, though. “I think I would have to take her super suit,” he stated, referring to the suit that Nichols wears on the series.  “I don’t want it tailored. I don’t want anything. I just want to hang it up on a wall and look at it.”

Continuum began airing in the US last week. Nichols, in particular, was excited about the show finally being aired in America. “I think that it’s one of the most exciting things because it came out in Canada,” she said. “It’s something that’s been well received and I obviously think that’s going to happen here in the US. And finally, the fans that have wanted it for so long are getting exactly what they want.”

Because time travel is part of the show’s plot, how does the cast and crew keep from getting confused about timelines? According to Nichols, she has it the easiest. “For me, I get lucky because I am from the year 2077, so as far as all the future stuff is concerned, I, A, know what it does; B, know when to use it; and C, know that I have to hide it from everybody.” There were particular scenes that were trickier, though. For example, when Kiera sees a horse in 2012, Nichols – the actress – had to remember that Kiera had never seen one before.

As the show’s creator, Barry stated that keeping track of multiple timelines can be daunting, but that the cast and show’s crew rely on each other to keep it all straight. “I can just say that it is tricky to track a lot of this stuff,” he said.  “But you know, the great thing is that Victor and Rachel, and Erik to that effect, will always sort of check in and say, ‘You know, is this…’ – sometimes, they’re ahead of me. They’ll go, ‘Wait a minute. I shouldn’t know about this because of where I’m coming from or what my perspective is.’ And I love that they are so invested in their character’s understanding of where they are and what they’re doing.”

Webster agreed, “That is great about the show. It’s such an open line of communication and it like a family where we can come and bring anything up at any time, whether it sounds ridiculous or whatever the discussion is.”

So what will get people to tune into Continuum? In addition to the thriller aspect of the show, Barry feels the perspective of the show is equally as fascinating. “I think there’s a lot of ideas in the show that are relevant to today, but that we’ve kind of repurposed through the prism of someone from the future,” he said. “We do see the world, our world, through Rachel’s character’s eyes, through Kiera’s eyes. And I think there’s something interesting about someone who has a perspective that’s different who knows what’s going to happen.”

Webster also stated that he felt that Continuum was so watchable because it also makes you think. He said, “I like to make a show that after the show ends, you could sit there with your friends and you can discuss the possibilities and where a show could go, and what did they mean by that? And you know what if this happened? And, I think we explore a lot of those in this. We answer a lot of questions as much as we leave a lot of questions for the audience to ponder.”

Nichols agreed with all of the above and re-iterated, ” You get everything you want. There’s that procedural element. There’s the sci-fi element. Then it’s a heavily character-driven show, and that sort of trifecta is very hard to come by.”

Don’t miss Continuum on Mondays at 8/7c on Syfy.

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