Continuum Episode 1 Sneak Peek Video

So who is excited about science fiction returning to the Syfy channel? When the network picked up Canadian hit Continuum, I have to admit that I was excited. I have not yet seen the show, but the premise alone already has me hooked:

Continuum centers around the conflict between a police officer and a group of rebels from the year 2077 who time-travel to Vancouver, BC in the year 2012. How awesome does that sound? The future, in 2077, is dystopian and bleak (as such futures usually are). Governments have collapsed and corporations now dominate the planet. The result is a police state where everyone is under the watchful eye of surveillance.

In this clip, we see a group of criminals awaiting execution, but obviously, as things so often happen in the world of science fiction, something has gone wrong. There’s a bright light, a quiet explosion and boom – everyone is gone, including law enforcement official Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols). And as we can guess from the show’s plot, they’re all going back to the year 2012. Nice, huh?

Enjoy the clip and be sure to catch Continuum on Syfy Monday night at  8/7c.

Also, stay tuned to this site. I had a chance to interview the cast of Continuum and will be posting that soon!

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