Comic Book Review: The Raptor

Comic Book Review: The Raptor

Blair Shedd’s The Raptor: Mysterious Masked Vigilante Comic Meets Police Procedural

I was fortunate enough to learn about Blair Shedd’s Kickstarter for The Raptor early on, thanks to having met Shedd at the Gallifrey One convention a few years ago. In fact, shortly after that meeting, I interviewed Shedd about his work. Known mostly for his illustration work on the Doctor Who comics, how could I resist donating when he decided to create a book of his very own?

First off, I have sort of fallen off of the comics bandwagon. I collected pretty regularly back in the 90’s, although most of what I read were Vertigo titles (specifically Sandman, The Books of Magic and Hellblazer). And although I read the occasional Dark Knight title, superhero comics weren’t something I was really that into (although I generally love the movies that have come out of them). So I was going into The Raptor as almost a comic newbie again. Seriously, all I’ve read since the 90’s is a little bit of FablesLocke & Key and Alabaster.

Fortunately, for Shedd, I really liked th preview issue of The Raptor. The story was short, but it’s one of those stories that pulls you in and gets you to want to read more.

So what’s The Raptor about? In NYC, a young girl is murdered and the police officers assigned to the case have a personal relationship with the victim. There’s also a vigilante in a mask (The Raptor) who is attempting to solve the case on his own.

What I really liked about The Raptor is the “found footage” scenes. I’d never seen anything like this in comics (but I haven’t read a lot either) and thought it was a refreshing way to present parts of the story. I especially loved the panels for the police detectives being put on the spot by a reporter and I loved how those characters reacted to that.

The Raptor himself seems to be more Batman than Superman with a lot more bad-assness thrown in for good measure. We really don’t get a good look at him until the end of the preview, but I’m looking forward to seeing more in future issues.

Shedd, who both wrote and illustrated the comic, is currently looking for a publisher for The Raptor and I hope he finds one or that he chooses to self-publish.

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