Being Human (UK) New Season Trailer Is Here

Being Human (UK) New Season Trailer Is Here

New Season of Being Human (UK) Series is All About New Cast

I will admit that when I originally tried to watch last season of the UK version of Being Human, I threw down my remote control in the middle of the first episode. I was just so utterly irked that Russell Tovey was following in Aidan Turner’s footsteps and had decided to leave the series in what seemed to be something akin to Annie’s limbo. Add that to the news that Lenora Chrichlow was also on her way out and I thought “what’s the point?”

But a friend of mine insisted I watch the entire season, all the way through. And after several months of seething, I finally did. It was then that I admitted to myself that Being Human had done the impossible. Not only had the entire cast been replaced with a new ghost, werewolf and vampire, but the excellent writing of the series had made the change seem almost seamless.

Honstly, I’m still amazed. The new Being Human actors (Michael Socha, Damien Moloney and Kate Bracken) are brilliant. The show carries the same dynamic as it did and has somehow continued to go on. The apocalypse has been averted, but now we have three new characters who have to struggle with figuring out how they, as monsters, can be human.

Other fans of the series must have agreed with me, because the series was picked up for yet another season, which will be here very soon. The first trailer from Being Human season 5 has arrived, so check it out below:

Oh how I do love that anal-retentive Hal. Being Human returns to BBC 3 on February 3rd. I’m assuming that means it will air later in the US (stupid BBC America).

Official Being Human BBC Website

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