Doctor Who’s River Song Added to Arrow Cast

Arrow Casting News: Alex Kingston Cast as Laurel's Mom

Alex Kingston is Making her Way Over to The CW’s Arrow

The casting for The CW’s Arrow must have a list of “best science fiction/genre actors” ever. And obviously, they’ve been going down that list and putting those actors on Arrow. From ┬áSeth Gabel (Fringe) to John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood) to ┬áTahmoh Penikett (Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica) to James Callas (Eureka, Battlestar Galactica) to Paul Blackthorne (The Dresden Files, The River), big names in science fiction have been tagged to be a part of the hit series.

And now, yet another amazing actor (or actress, in this case) has been added to the roster. Alex Kingston, most recently known as Doctor River Song on Doctor Who (not to mention wife to the Doctor) has been cast to play Lauren’s Mom on Arrow. Which means that us Whovians will finally get to see Captain Jack with River Song.

Forgive me for a moment while I squee with fan girl aplomb.

Okay, sorry about that. We probably won’t see Kingston until later in the series, but it’s a guarantee that I will keep watching Arrow. I’ll admit that the whole Huntress storyline had me disinterested, but casting like this will keep me watching. And maybe that’s the whole point.

On Arrow, Kingston’s character, Dinah Lance, will resurface looking to reconcile with her family. She abandoned them when Sara drowned on the yacht that stranded Oliver Queen on a msyterious island.

Be sure to watch Arrow on The CW on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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