Next A Song of Ice and Fire Story Will be a Prequel

Next A Song of Ice and Fire Story Will be a Prequel

George R. R. Martin Working on A Song of Ice and Fire Prequel

It seems like George R.R. Martin is intent on never ever finishing up the A Song of Ice and Fire books. Instead of working on the follow-up to A Dance With Dragons, it has been reported that Martin has written a prequel.

Tor Books announced the prequel novella, “The Princess and the Queen,” which will focus on the Targaryen Civil War. It’s not the book we want, but it’s the book we’re getting. At this rate, I’ll let HBO finish the series as they’re soon to catch up to the books with seasons of Game Of Thrones.

The novella is part of an anthology entitled Dangerous Women.

Meanwhile, those of us who want to know what happens next in A Dance With Dragons are still kept waiting. No offense to Martin, but his track record on getting books out in a timely manner isn’t all that great. Meanwhile, self-published authors with full-time jobs are putting out 1-2 novels a year.

Sorry, George, no excuses.

For those actually interested in the prequel story and the anthology, there’s more information over on the Tor website.

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