85-Year-Old Woman Admits to Being a Gamer

85-Year-Old Woman Admits to Being a Gamer

85-Year-Old Proves That You’re Never Too Old for Gaming

At 85, Hilda Knott is a gamer. But don’t think she’s sitting around the house playing Angry Birds. Nope, Knott has a PlayStation 3 and enjoys games like Grand Theft Auto IV on her 65-inch HDTV.

What’s even more amazing? In a short interview with the BBC, Knott stated that she often plays with her 94-year-old aunt. Heck yeah! “We have a hilarious time,” Knott told the BBC.

Knott stated that she’s been playing video games for over 40 years and does it to keep her brain mentally active. And obviously, she’s onto something.

She stated, “I enjoy finding something new in the game – getting onto the next stage or the next event – and then the achievement of finishing it.” Just like the rest of us.

So go ahead and scratch the thought out of your head that video games are just for teenagers. And now, in a culture that seems to be attacking video games (and their violence), this is the sort of story we need to hear.

Needless to say, I want to be Knott when I grow up.

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