Women Genre Authors Encouraged to Use Male Pseudonyms

Women Genre Authors Encouraged to Use Male Pseudonyms

You would think with us living in the 21st century, some things would change, wouldn’t you? But as the #1reasonwhy hashtag recently proved, women still get treated like crap when it comes to video games. And apparently, that complete lack of respect exist in the world of writing, as well.

I will be honest that I have not seen this first-hand, being self-published, but I think if I were told that I had to use a male pseudonym for my work that I’d probably vehemently disagree. But The Wall Street Journal ran an article about how the practice of women basically being forced to use male names with their books is still widespread, even today. Today, in the 21st century. That sound you’re now hearing is me banging my head against my desk.

Supposedly, studies have shown that women will read books by male authors, but that men won’t read books by female authors. I call b.s. right there. Again, I only have my own personal experience to go on, but I’ve had quite a few men read Zeus, Inc. – which is a genre book AND has a female protagonist. Of course, please feel free to debate that with me in the comments below.

Anne Sowards, a Penguin editor said: “It sometimes makes sense for a female author to use a pseudonym, particularly when the main characters are male, or when it’s a genre with a strong appeal to men, like military science fiction, certain types of fantasy or gritty thrillers,” says Penguin editor Anne Sowards, whose fantasy authors K.A. Stewart, Rob Thurman and K.J. Taylor are women. …

“For a new author, we want to avoid anything that might cause a reader to put a book down and decide, ‘not for me,’ ” Ms. Sowards says. “When we think a book will appeal to male readers, we want everything about the book to say that-the cover, the copy and, yes, the author’s name.”

O.M.G. I just have no words. Again, this is the 21st century, folks. the 21ST CENTURY. I’m seriously not buying this argument, but again, feel free to debate me in the comments. As I have some male readers, does a female author ever persuade you from NOT reading a book?

Source: io9

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