New Wonder Woman Series Being Cast By The CW

Obviously, with the success that The CW has had with Arrow, they are more than willing to tackle another superhero show. This time, The CW is targeting Wonder Woman. Casting is currently underway to find the actress that can fill the Amazonian’s shoes.

The casting call itself used a codename for casting and called the character Iris, which set the internet aflame. I’m not sure why, as this is common for high profile series to keep people away from the secret of what the show really is. But don’t worry, Wonder Woman will still retain her original name of Diana.

According to Deadline, the new Wonder Woman will be a Tarzan-like story of a fish (err… woman) out of water. She will come from a remote and secluded country, having spent most of her life as a soldier. Because of the brutality in her life, she seems our world with awe and astonishment.

I’m sure the show will be given a more “realistic” angle, much as Arrow has been given and I’m all for finally seeing Wonder Woman grace television screens again. Hopefully, this project will see the light of day, unlike a previous Wonder Woman project that starred Adrianne Palicki.

I think this one sounds promising, don’t you?

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