Netflix Scores Exclusive Disney Deal, Starz Doesn’t

Netflix Scores Exclusive Disney Deal, Starz Doesn't

Remember when Starz dropped Netflix like a hot potato? Well, Netflix is finally getting the last laugh. It was announced yesterday that Netflix would be getting Disney movies shortly after they’d had their theatrical run. Guess who won’t be getting that? You guessed it – Starz.

The deal, which doesn’t begin until 2016 (three whole years… ugh), not only includes Disney theatrical releases, but also Disney’s straight-to-DVD films and programs, as well. Netflix users also get access to a whole back catalogue of classic Disney films (so how many times can I watch The Little Mermaid in one sitting?)

Obviously, this deal doesn’t just give Netflix competing power with Starz, but with HBO and Showtime, as well, who also run movies shortly after theatrical release.

As I have been saying all along, this is the future. People are watching both television and movies differently and that’s only going to continue to evolve. And as one of those people who have cut their cable subscriptions, I welcome the future with open arms. Way to go, Netflix!

Source: Mashable

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