Mockingbird Lane Officially Scratched Out

Mockingbird Lane Officially Scratched Out

TV networks are so stupid. They don’t know a good thing when they see it. And the treatment of Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane is a prime example of that. After holding onto the pilot for what felt like forever, we finally got a one-shot airing of it around Halloween.

And the thing is… the pilot episode for Mockingbird Lane we saw was good! The series showed a lot of potential and was exactly the sort of different thing we could really have used on television. Obviously, different = bad in television lingo, though, because it has been reported that the series has officially been given the axe by NBC.

According to a recent tweet, Bryan Fuller stated:

I suppose I could be grateful that we actually got to see the pilot episode, but I’m sick and tired of television networks never fully giving promising series any kind of chance. So bite me, once more, NBC.

If you happened to have missed the pilot episode, it is still available via Hulu.

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