Guest Post: What the Future Holds for Handhelds

What the Future Holds for Handhelds

by Martin Smulney

A smartphone that can slice bread, do the laundry and take out the trash: I would be in technological heaven.

Okay, so maybe I’m expecting too much out of my smartphone right now. But technology is constantly changing and growing as it gives us new and exciting features. The future of the smartphone is changing, and the best smartphones are meeting our demands for user ease, live support, better app performance and improved digital and multimedia capturing.

Here’s a simple sneak-peek of the three most interesting features that the future will hold for our smartphones. And don’t worry — we’ll still be able to do that whole “calling people” thing too.

Future Feature 1: Ramped-Up User Interface

Okay, yes, I admit it. I’ve been spoiled by the touch-screen interface. I just slide my finger around on the screen and I can access apps, control the volume and update my contact information.

But the future will evolve technology that controls your smartphone without touching, using mere movements of your hand. And while voice control is available on some smart phones, this will become a regular feature. You’ll be able to tell your smartphone to play your favorite music, dial a phone number and access the map features to find the closest take-out restaurant.

Let’s not stop there. The newest user interface that is being explored is eye-tracking. Sensors in the smartphone will detect your eye movements and interpret them as various functions you want to perform. I can see the real benefits of this feature for people who have hand mobility problems. Eye-tracking sensor technologies would allow them to have an easier time using their smartphones without asking for help from other people.

Future Feature 2: The World’s Greatest Photographer

Taking great photographs on your smartphone only happens once in a blue moon. Even the best smartphones were prone to the dreaded red-eye, blurriness and light streaks in the photos.

But, rejoice, my photography brethren! For the future holds digital and multimedia improvements that will have the camera/video features of smartphones at par with high-quality digital cameras. The CMOS sensors that are found in stand-alone cameras are becoming integrated into top name-brand smartphones. These sensors will allow you to do the following:

  • Shoot 1080p video
  • Allow you to shoot two videos at once
  • Give RBGW coding to increase low-light sensitivity for a better picture
  • Let you use complex imaging effects

Future Feature 3: Give Me My Apps

My smartphone is littered with apps. Apps to tell the time. Apps to play music. Apps to give me a horoscope reading.

But some applications take the longest time to load. Sometimes, my touch screen shuts off to save energy before the app even appears. But these problems are being addressed even now to give better loading times, richer application graphics and great app content.

Multi-core processors and quad-core processors are improving smartphone technology to give us richer 3D applications and better battery life that doesn’t require us to constantly plug in our smartphones for a recharge. These processors are also offering a wide range of other features such as Next Generation HD multimedia content, quick speeds in application loading and multitasking between open applications that will rival desktop computer functions.

The Future Of Smartphones is an Exciting Time

This was only a sampling of a few things that the future will hold for smartphones, and I already have excited tingles running through my eager fingers. With better photography, faster processors and awesome app graphics, the best smartphones are competing with tablets and laptops when it comes to high-end technology. And things can only get better from here.

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