Bypass Regional Restrictions and Watch International TV with UnoTelly

Bypass Regional Restrictions and Watch International TV with UnoTelly
The BBC iPlayer on the PS3

When I received an email from the folks at UnoTelly , I will admit that I was skeptical. Having waited just about forever for the BBC iPlayer to become available here in the U.S. (something the BBC keeps promising but still has not done), I have been wanting a solution that allows me to watch UK television shows.

First and foremost, UnoTelly is perfectly legal. It’s a service that uses DNS settings to bypass regional restrictions so that you can stream television programs from all over the world. For example, I visited France a few months ago. And I wanted to watch Netflix. I have a perfectly legal Netflix account in the U.S. but am unable to use it when abroad. These regional restrictions are not only frustrating, but also pretty stupid in this day and age.

Enter UnoTelly. After setting it up, you can watch programs from the BBC, ITV, CTV and many many more. You can choose to watch on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Or you can set it up on your PS3 or Xbox 360.

The best part about UnoTelly? It works. I will admit that set-up was a bit tricky. The Quick Guide I was given only covered the very basics and I had to figure out the rest by myself. For example, to set it up on my PS3, I had to create a new username for the PlayStation Network and use a UK postal code in order to download the BBC iPlayer and ITV player. All in all, though, it took about 30 minutes to set up on both my PC and game console, so it wasn’t that much of a hassle.

After set-up, though, I was watching UK programs without any problems on both devices. Which, I will admit, makes me very happy.

UnoTelly was kind enough to give me a free lifetime membership, but if you’re interested, it will only run you around $5 per month. And if you want to give it a test drive, you can try it for free.

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