BFI Will Screen Doctor Who from January Until 50th Anniversary

If you happen to be a Doctor Who fan who lives in the UK, you’re in luck! The British Film Institute (BFI) will be screening episodes from each Doctor for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who next year.

Starting next month (January), one adventure per Doctor will screen until November, when I assume, the 50th Anniversary Special will be shown. The first episode will show at 3:30 p.m. on January 12th and tickets will go on sale on December 11th.

The first episode will obviously be the first Doctor Who episode “An Unearthly Child” with William Hartnell as the Doctor. There will be an introduction to each episode by a special guest (presumably someone involved with Doctor Who), as well as a Q&A session after.

I wish I could go!!! But I do have plans for next year’s Gallifrey One, which is also already proving to be quite exciting.

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