Vertigo Cancels Hellblazer and Moves John Constantine to DC


My first comic book was a Vertigo title (Sandman) and just one read had me hooked. Soon, I was reading nearly all of the Vertigo titles including the fantastic Hellblazer. I am sad to announce, though, that Vertigo has finally decided to pull the plug on this beloved comic.

Hellblazer is one of the longest-running comic books in mainstream comics history. It was also one of the first titles Vertigo ever launched. The last issue is set to be #300 and will run in February, 2013.

There’s just one serious problem with the cancellation. The story of John Constantine, Hellblazer‘s protagonist, will continue (actually more re-written) with DC Comics. In the DC Universe. A new comic will be created and forgive me now while I go scream to the heavens “WHYYYYYY?”

So now John Constantine has become… family friendly. He’s cleaning up his language and his style and he might as well be played by Keanu freakin’ Reeves (oh, wait, that happened, didn’t it?). I’m guessing he’s going to have to give up the smoking, too. Which means he won’t really be John Constantine. Ugh. Anyway, as a fan of the series, my opinion is that this DC move royally sucks.

So what does this say about the future of Vertigo? Who knows? But they sure aren’t putting out new titles like they used to and I can’t remember the last Vertigo title I got really excited about. And that is just a serious shame.

2 thoughts on “Vertigo Cancels Hellblazer and Moves John Constantine to DC

  • November 10, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    Nope his smoking habit is still ongoing. (Constantine’s been in Justice League Dark, he’s the same snarky con-man as always. Justice League Dark is a really stupid name but I’ve pretty much enjoyed the book.

    And….there’s rumors flying that del Toro (he’s quoted as saying this) is in talks to direct a JLD movie. Here is hoping JC stays British and blond.

    • November 10, 2012 at 5:27 pm

      Yeah, I didn’t mention the fact that Justice League Dark is a stupid name! LOL I cut my comic book teeth on the Hellblazer books. I haz a sad.

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