The Beast in the Basement is Not What You Expect

The Beast in The Basement by Jason ArnoppI have been struggling with how to type up this book review for Jason Arnopp‘s The Beast In The Basement. Not because the book was not good – it was great. But because everything I want to say is probably a spoiler.

That’s not a bad thing. This book has one major turn in it that was so wonderful that I don’t want to take it away from anyone else who might read it.

Although the title and synopsis makes The Beast In The Basement sound like horror, it is more of a thriller.The main character is a writer, but he is not who he seems to be. And he keeps something he refers to as The Beast in his basement. As far as the story goes, that’s all I can really tell you without giving away a major plot point.

I can tell you, however, that this is one of those stories that will not only surprise you, but that you’ll probably read in one sitting. Once the story gets going, it gains momentum and doesn’t stop until the very end. It’s also a short read that will guarantee you’ll want more once it’s done.

As far as the end of the novella goes, I had hoped for the opposite of what happens to happen (again, I am attempting to avoid spoilers here), but I still liked the way events finally unfolded.

Out of 5 stars, I’m giving The Beast In The Basement 5 stars. Pick it up on Amazon¬†for just $2.99. Or if you have a Kindle and are an Amazon Prime member, you can read it for free.

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