Sylvester McCoy Confirmed as Gallifrey One Guest

Sylvester McCoy Confirmed as Gallifrey One 2013 guest

I’m doing somersaults as we speak (well, mentally, at least). It has been confirmed that Sylvester McCoy will be attending the Gallifrey One convention in February, 2013.

As I’ve had my tickets to the con since… well… forever, this makes me extremely happy. I’m a huge fan of McCoy’s audio adventures and being that he is also portraying Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit movies makes this news rather squeal-worthy to me. And obviously, McCoy was the 7th Doctor.

McCoy joins other such esteemed guests at Gallifrey One 2013 such as Arthur Darville, Carole Ann Ford (yes, the Doctor’s first companion), the wonderfully hilarious Ian McNiece, among others. Visit the official Gallifrey One website for the full list.

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