On The Web Wednesday: Geek & Sundry add Two More Series

I am so addicted to the programming on Geek & Sundry’s channel. From Felicia Day’s The Flog to The Guild to Tabletop to Written By A Kid, I just can’t get enough. And now, the group has announced two more new web series.

The first I’m particularly excited about as it’s a science fiction comedy! Yes! It’s called Space Janitors. It will be starting on Tuesday, November 13th. It’s a satirical piece about life aboard an evil space station as seen through the eyes of two custodians. The folks at Geek & Sundry are promising that it is hilarious. They’re also promising a lot of community Hangouts and other fun features to accompany the show.

The next new series is called On The Table. This will be the replacement for TableTop when it goes on hiatus on November 8th. This will be another series about tabletop gaming and will serve as a sort of bulletin to guide viewers through all that tabletop gaming has to offer.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the new shows!

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