Merlin’s 5th Season Will Be Its Last

Merlin's 5th Season Will Be Its Last

The current fifth season of the BBC’s Merlin will be its last, according to officials at the BBC. The final episodes in the UK will air next month. Of course, if you’re in the U.S. like I am, you’ll either be viewing it next year on Syfy or eventually on Netflix.

I am definitely a fan of Merlin, but am currently only into the 4th season (I watch via Netflix). But it already feels like they’re winding up to what would be the end of the show. At some point, they have to end it, right? I mean, we already know the rest of the story (although the bit about Lancelot has me confused since that seems to have been completely re-written).

According to the show’s creators, this news should not come as a surprise. The original intention for Merlin was just to do five seasons all along. This is common in the BBC, where shows here in the US get season after season and the quality of the show suffers for it (Supernatural, I’m looking at you).

Colin Morgan, the actor who plays the iconic wizard, said, “From the beginning this was always going to be a five year journey that we embarked on and I think the show has run its natural course. The show has grown and grown each year and now we’ve arrived at its strongest point and we’ve achieved what we set out to do… I know this is the end, and I know this is goodbye, but thank you for being there on the journey with us because it has been a lot of fun!”

Once Merlin starts airing on Syfy on January 4, 2013, be sure to keep your eyes on this site – we’ll be posting a lot of clips and hopefully an interview or two with the stars of the series.

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