Locke & Key will Get Three Film Adaptation

I was so disappointed when I learned that there was a Locke & Key pilot for a t.v. series made that no one was going to get to see. If you have not read the comics, you’re totally missing out, by the way. Written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, it’s one lovely little dark story that deserves a second chance in other media. And fortunately, it will now get it.

Universal Studios has announced that the Locke & Key comic book series will be developed as a trilogy of films with writer/producer Robert Orci on board (Orci confirmed this on his Twitter account).

Locke & Key was initially developed as a t.v. pilot for Fox in 2011, but the network (as usual) did not know a good thing when they saw it. The pilot still sits on a shelf somewhere, unseen.

Univeral plans to develop three movies based on the series to be written by Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who both served as producers of the pilot.


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