Guest Post: Game of Thrones Fans: Want to Get Into Online Gaming But Don’t Know How?

Guest Post: Game of Thrones Fans: Want to Get Into Online Gaming But Don't Know How?
By Tim Yorrie

Your favorite show, Game of Thrones, is currently filming season three and is slated to premiere March 13, 2013. That’s too far away! You’ve scoured the Internet for hints and spoilers…maybe a trailer, but all you keep finding is information on the Game of Thrones video game. What is this all about?

You’ve heard of games like World of Warcraft, you watch your friends play online poker and you’ve even seen your little sister download games at iWin such as Mermaid Adventures: The Magical Pearl and Jewel Quest. Now, with the release of GOT, you’ve finally received your invitation to get into online gaming. You gonna bring Khaleesi or Cersei?

It’s Time to Join the Rest of the World

It’s not hard to get into online gaming. It’s that initial leap into the alternate universe of interactive fantasy that keeps people from exploring it. Is it a fear of it being too complicated? Maybe. But with the intriguing Game of Thrones game trailer touting it to be “a brand-new story written in conjunction with George R.R. Martin,” your lyrical linguist hero, it’s time to get medieval on Internet gaming sites.

When you watch that familiarly eerie intro anthem taking us back into a Westeros covered in snow and peppered with magnificent castles, you think of the place where chivalrous knights and conniving witches (you might replace the w with a b) enchant each other one day and battle to the death the next. You miss it so much. There is no better way to pass the time from now until next spring than to immerse yourself back into the world of Internet game play. “Winter is Coming.”

How to Become a Gamer

It’s become a global pastime. While classic board games such as Life, Yahtzee and Risk (to name just a few) ditch their real playing fields and take to the virtual world of the Internet, it’s important to, at the very least, understand how it all works. Not only does the Internet reduce the need for the boxed-game variety, but it offers card games, strategy games, role-playing games and classic arcade games.

You just need a computer and an Internet connection to get started. Either a Mac OS X 10.5 or higher or a Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7 will do. In some cases, games can be downloaded for free. In others, you may get a subscription to a gaming website for a fee that will give you access to all of their games. Be sure you have hard drive space double the size of the file.

Get Downloading and Installing

Here is a quick list of how to download a game. In typical terms.

  • Find the page with the games you’d like to download.
  • Generally, there are easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll often see a big button that says either “Play Free,” “Download,” “Install,” “Buy Now” or “Free Trial,” something like that. You’ll want to click it and then “Save” to your computer.
  • Typically, you’ll see a status bar informing you how long it will take to download.
  • You might receive another prompt, once the download is done, asking you to “Play Now” or “Play Later.”
  • Get playing and find a game you enjoy. Then if you need to purchase it to play more, follow the directions provided by the website.

If you get into any confusion when purchasing or installing games, visit the gaming website’s “Support” tab. Guaranteed, if you are experiencing something you don’t understand, someone else has as well. There are many FAQ and tech-support opportunities on most games. Also, turn to your online community for support; or ask your little sister, who seems to have mastered Jewel Quest, for help. You’ll be up and playing in no time and before you know it, March will be here.

Tim Yorrie is a composer and programmer. Tim is working on a program that will allow composers to create scores virtually and let them interact on a social platform.

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