Fringe’s Seth Gabel to Join Arrow

Seth Gabel

Holy crap, Arrow! Are you trying to steal all the genre actors away and put them on your show? First, John Barrowman, then Tahmoh Penikett and now you’re adding Fringe’s Seth Gabel, too? I’m not sure I will be able to contain my fangirl squeals this time.

This news excites me because I’ve really missed seeing Gabel on Fringe. When he stayed in the alt universe on the series and the doors between the two were closed, I cried. And now, I really feel a hole where his character once was on that show. Fortunately, he’s moving on up to Arrow, which seems to be doing quite well with great actors.

Gabel will be playing the villain that is known as Vertigo in the comic books. Of course, the name will be changed for the grittier and more realistic Arrow, but I can’t wait to see him play a bad guy.

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