Dear Television Networks, Stop with the Four Month Hiatus Crap

So I am finally really getting into NBC’s Revolution, even though I’ve had to dismiss common sense things like “Why are the people so clean?” and “How do they keep their teeth so white?” and “Where are all these nice new clothes coming from?” The last few episodes have really pulled the story further along, though, so I can be very forgiving if I like the storyline.

What I cannot forgive, though, is the news that the series is now going into a four-month hiatus. Four months in the middle of the first season.

And what I cannot help but to ask is WHY? Why do networks keep doing this? Because, ESPECIALLY for a first season, this is usually a death knell for a series. Remember The Event? How about Caprica? Those were both amazing shows but were killed with this asinine mid-season stunt. And yet, this long wait between episodes in the middle of series is starting to be the general rule of thumb.

I’ve seen the topic discussed a lot on the official Syfy Twitter account where it is explained that most shows do well after such a hiatus. And that this somehow helps shows. And yet, I have seen absolutely ZERO viable proof that this is the case. In fact, I’m wondering what alternate universe these programmers are actually living in. As I see it, the general rule of thumb usually is that a brand new show finally starts pulling in viewers, goes into a hiatus and then the viewers never come back once the hiatus is over. It’s happened too often to be a fluke.

But the silly networks still think this is how you work in television. Guess what? We’ll just not watch, wait for the show to be canceled (as they inevitably will be) and then watch the full season back-to-back on Netflix. Because that’s what viewers do.

Meanwhile, I am going to go bang my head a few more times against the wall that is network t.v. decision making and wait for the cancellation notices to start rolling in…

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