WTF happened to GetGlue?

Last night, as I was preparing to launch Dishonored (you can read my initial review of the game here), I remembered that I needed to check-in to the game on GetGlue. I have used GetGlue since its launch to sort of advertise what I’m listening to, what I’m playing and what I’m watching. But lo and behold, the new GetGlue site launched. And with it, they apparently deleted the games, books and music on the site.

Wait. What? I thought the purpose of GetGlue was to let people know about what you were currently entertaining yourself with. And for me, that is quite often a video game or music. And being a writer who often writes about video games over at, people follow me to see what I’m playing. I like to think of myself as an influencer and want others to know what I’m digging at the moment (hence, all The Secret World check-ins before the “new” GetGlue launched).

But now, that’s gone by the way side. When you look at GetGlue in a browser, it tells you that it’s “Your app for TV, movies and sports.” No books, no music, no games. And over on the GetGlue blog post about these “exciting” new updates, users are irked. And the word MySpace is being thrown around a bit, too – as in GetGlue is going the way of MySpace by making so many updates that it eventually becomes obsolete.

My guess is that GetGlue got some cash from some major TV networks and movie studios to go exclusive. And I also noticed that is also now asks you who your TV provider is (and no, it doesn’t include Netflix, Hulu and Amazon – my providers). So if I had to estimate what happened – I’m thinking GetGlue sold its members out for a lot of money. Isn’t that the way it always goes? Isn’t that what happened to MySpace, after all?

I deleted the GetGlue app from both my tablet and smartphone last night. I took down the bookmark from it in my browser. I am DONE. Why do companies think constantly changing things is better? It’s not! Just ask Netflix.

I have also failed to mention that the new site looks an awful lot like Twitter…

I guess I should have known something was up. The last two times I requested my physical stickers, I received nothing… It looks like GetGlue forgot what it’s original purpose was.

Anyway, what do you think about the new changes to GetGlue? Will it deter you from using the service?

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