Guest Post: Will New Rapture Themed TV Series Become Bigger Than “Lost”?

The rapture is coming! To HBO, that is. A new series called “The Leftovers,” based on the popular 2011 book by Tom Perrotta, is being developed by “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof. Lindelhof and Perrotta will co-write the series about a rapture-like event in which some people disappear and the others are left behind to deal with the aftermath. Whether this series will end up being as big as “Lost” is anyone’s guess, but on a network like HBO and with two talented writers, this intriguing new series success looks probable.

Lindelof, in particular, is very excited about working on this new project. refers to an interview in which he said he “fell deeply and passionately in love with the novel.” He went on to say that the new project is “firing all [his] creative pistons in a way they haven’t been fired since Lost.” Lindelof’s enthusiasm for the project is another good sign that the show will be a success.

In this video, Lindelof talks about “Lost’s” legacy and the ambiguous ending.

Before “Lost,” Lindelof wrote episodes for other TV series including “Nash Bridges” and “Crossing Jordan,” as well as an episode for the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” cartoon. After writing and co-producing “Lost,” he then set his sights on the big screen and wrote the screenplays for “Cowboys and Aliens,” “Prometheus,” and the upcoming sequel to “Star Trek.” He returns to his roots for “The Leftovers” and the series will deal with large metaphysical themes similar to the themes he explored in “Lost.”

If you don’t have cable and plan to wait for the series to come to Netflix or Amazon, maybe some funny animal videos at will keep you entertained. We picked a polar bear scene, in honor of “Lost” fans.

The pilot show will also stray a little bit from the book in addition to the rest of the series. In an interview referenced on, Lindelof says, “The pilot will introduce characters and storylines not in the book” because it simply “has to.” This will give Lindelof a chance to develop characters the way he has been successful with in the past. If “The Leftovers” becomes a success, it will join other hit shows currently in the HBO lineup including “A Game of Thrones” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

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