Help restore the Star Trek Enterprise D bridge

Star Trek Enterprise D

I have been aware of this project for some time, but now it’s on Kickstarter and I promised I would blog about it as soon as that happened. A group of Star Trek fans have come together and somehow obtained the original Star Trek Enterprise D bridge that was created by Paramount Studios.

This bridge set was created by Paramount in the late 1990’s for display after the original set was destroyed in the film Star Trek: Generations.

And now, those fans need your help in restoring and updating the bridge to all of its previous glory. The goal? To make the bridge both interactive and educational to be used for display parties, movie showings, fundraising, charities, fan films and making an interactive education piece for classrooms.

Even Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, has jumped on board (no pun intended) and provided items for the Kickstarter project. How cool is that?

So stop by the project’s Kickstarter page today and donate. There are still a lot of great items available to backers (including some awesome t-shirts).

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