Wonder Woman appears on Ms. cover to stop the war on women

Well, here’s a little highlight in the world of comic book fan geekdom. Wonder Woman will be making an appearance on Ms. Magazine’s 40th Annivesary cover (which features taglines about stopping the war on women). And this isn’t the first time she’s appeared there.┬áIn 1972, the premiere issue of Ms. with the words “Wonder Woman For President” appeared on its cover. Obviously, I’d vote for her!

The new cover, illustrated by Michael and Laura Allred, was teased on Twitter last week with hints: “This woman was born during World War II,” “This woman has her own line of MAC cosmetics” and “She has been featured on her own television series.” Well, who else could it be?

This would be the 4th time that Wonder Woman has appeared on the cover of Ms. And if you subscribe, you can get a copy of the Allreds’ illustration as a poster.

I couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate for this cover.

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