The Vampire Diaries: Is she or isn’t she?

Although I once admitted to The Vampire Diaries being my guilty pleasure, I have to admit that I’ve gone sort of fan girl with the series. It is highly addctive, even if I still find it predictable and Elena a Mary Sue sort of character if ever there was one. But hey, I’m still going to watch it this season!

So what happened last season? Oh yeah, Elena might be a vampire. That’s a pretty big thing. And I have to admit (having not read the books the series is based upon) that I was a bit confused about that. But then I remember that this show makes rules and breaks them without even worrying about things like plot holes. And from the looks of the clip, I’m guessing they did the most obvious thing: they’re having Bonnie, the all-powerful witch, save Elena from being undead. Because that’s how almost every crisis in this show is solved.

And yet, I’m still chomping at the bit to see the first episode of the new season. So sue me! And check out the trailer below:

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