Haven Season 3 Q&A with Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour

Before my vacation, I had a chance to attend a Q&A with Haven’s Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour and Emily Rose. The three had a lot to say about the new season of Haven, which starts tonight on SyFy at 10/9C.

If you’ll recall, last season became a little darker, especially with the storyline involving Audrey’s many identities and Duke’s heritage. Tie all that in with the loss of the Rev, Nathan taking over as sheriff, and the loss of Duke’s wife and season 3 is already set up to start out with a bang.

The actors began about talking about the physicality of their roles. The first episode of the new season starts with a lot of action. After Bryant teased Balfour about punching like a girl, Balfour spoke about the first big fight of the season: “It’s always – it’s a tricky thing because you don’t want to hurt each other but, you know, you try to be careful but, yes, I mean, I think I got a – did I get a bloody nose or did I just get elbowed in the nose?”

Bryant mentioned that there was no blood, although both were in pain by the time the scene was complete.

The relationship between Duke and Nathan’s characters will also grow into the new season. Bryant said that Nathan will finally become more comfortable with his position as police chief and that will affect a number of turns with his relationship with Duke. “What really is under that is a great affection for each other,” he said, “and I think both of them really care about each other and rely on each other.So when they get to occasionally team up, we have a blast doing that and we get – we did get an opportunity to do more of that in season three and I think they do – they work better together than against each other.”

Audrey’s history as both Sarah and Lucy, and their relationship with the Teague brothers, is something that season 3 will begin to tackle. According to Rose, “Yes, the Teagues brother are a – they’re unique aren’t they? They’re fantastic. In terms of their love for Lucy and Sarah, I definitely know that Sarah part is true. I think they have history, obviously, with Lucy. But, I – in terms of seeing more of Sarah and Lucy – yes, that’s one of my absolute positive favorite things of this season.”

Last season showed us a new side of Duke, including some powers that he possesses. Will we see more of that in season 3? Balfour says yes: “That is a big part of Duke’s entire arch this season is sort of his struggle with this power that he has and wanting, you know, really not wanting to have it. And he’s going to learn a lot about his family and where these powers come from and who he ultimately wants to be and how he wants to use these powers.”

All three cast members are thrilled for fans to see the third season of Haven. According to Bryant, the new season is much more ambitious than the previous two and the stakes are much higher. He said, “I’m excited to see how people react to that. A lot of big questions and big mysteries are answered in a way that they haven’t been up until now.”

Balfour agreed: “Yes, I’m most excited about the fans getting to see just how deep down the rabbit hole this show goes this year. It really goes – it really just sort of opened Pandora’s box and it kind of lets everything out of the bag, it’s pretty cool.”

Finally, Rose chimed in, “You know, it’s like it’s really neat to feel like you have a – like a very large, large amount of very strong episodes. That’s exciting for a cast, to look at their season to see that.”

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