Fans help comics creator Karl Kesel and his family

Karl Kesel has had a good and varied career in comics, both as an artist and a writer. He’s worked on books like Final Night, Daredevil, Superboy and Harley Quinn.

Less than four months ago, Kesel and his wife adopted a baby boy, Isaac (who they call Zack). Zack’s birth mother was addicted to heroin before she was pregnant, leading her to wean herself off the drug by switching to methadone – Zack was born with methadone in his system and had to go through six weeks of detox in the hospital.

In order to pay for the adoption, as well as the child’s medical bills, Kesel Karl decided to sell the Silver Age Marvel collection he’d amassed over four decades.

But Kesel’s fans had another idea. One fan and Reddit user (Razorsheldon) thought it would be better if he could encourage fans to buy the comics in order to give them right back to Kesel. So he started a campaign and turned to Crowdtilt to launch “Help Karl Kessel Keep His Comic Collection. This drive has raised over $5,000 in just six days, exceeding its original $1,000 goal.

Razorsheldon has also been in contact with I Like Comics in Vancouver, Washington, which made their End of Summer Hullabaloo a fundraiser for the Kesels in order to make sure that the comics being purchased and returned are the issues he really wants.

If you’re in Vancouver this weekend, you can stop into the shop and meet comic creaters like Kesel, Kurt Busiek, Aaron Lopresti, Pete Woods, Rebecca Woods, Shannon Wheeler, Paul Guinan, Anina Bennett and Dan Prado. 10% of sales, along with 100% of the money generated from a cook-out will go to help out the Kesel family.

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