Comic books industry prepares to take down cyber bully

Let’s face it, bullying seems to be an unfortunate way of life for some on the internet. Anonymity makes it easy for cowards to be complete and utter jerks. And often, the bullying goes to far. For quite some time, a jerk on Twitter (jerk being the nicer word I’m using here) has been harassing females in the comics community. Using a variety of Twitter handles (like @MisterE2009 and @JonVeee), he has posted some vulgar and threatening things.

Of course, this also makes him an idiot as he’s leaving a trail of evidence, but that’s another story entirely. But these sorts of people are hardly ever rocket scientists, are they?

If you’re looking for some of the tweets in question, Bleeding Cool posted some of these – they are NSFW. And they will surely make you want to go round this guy up yourself and beat the living crap out of him (I’m in).

Mark Millar, the writer of Kick-Ass, was tipped off by the news of the harasser and wrote the following on his forum:

“So I’m asking you guys a favour. I’ve managed to secure this guy’s name and address, but he’s stateside and I’m unsure what the next step should be. In the UK, he would be charged by the police under the Malicious Communications act, but we have a lot of smart cookies on here and I know there’s several US attorneys like Alex Spiro who post here regularly. If we have his details and copies of his communication, how can he be prosecuted? If any of the pros who have been attacked here would like to make a case against him I’ll personally cover the legal costs. Twitter, I would imagine, can confirm his IP address if the artists make a formal complaint to the police.”

Over the weekend, Millar was taken up on the offer and he’s recently posted this:

“Thank you very much, but I engaged a criminal lawyer in LA yesterday and have one of the women involved co-ordinating with the others today, hopefully. I don’t want to say much more in a public forum just now as it may prejudice the case and between the details we’ve got and the tweets we saved the police have everything they need. Even if this doesn’t go to court the guy should hopefully be publicly outed in California and the shame of this will not only stop him attacking women online, but also discourage others from trying this in future. I found out last night that this idiot had been making sexual threats to some of the women concerned for over two years now.

Again, I stress that readers shouldn’t try googling the names he’s using as innocent parties may get targeted. He’s using false names for the most part, as you might expect. His IP address is all that matters and we’ve nailed the clown. This is a police matter now.”

It’s nice to see the comics industry actually caring about this sort of thing. Hey video gaming industry, WHY DON’T YOU TAKE A HINT?

If you are being bullied or threatened online, let someone know. 

Source: Comic Book Resources

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