BSG Actress Tricia Helfer joins Community

I’ll admit that I was unfamiliar with Community until this past year’s Gallifrey One. And then I discovered Inspector Spacetime and started watching the show. And now, Battlestar Galactica‘s own Tricia Helfer will be joining the cast of Community to guest star in one of the season 4 episodes.

But wait, it gets better! Helfer will be playing Lauren, a superfan of … Inspector Spacetime. There will be an Inspector Spacetime convention where she and Abed will meet. But Abed will also meet another con attendee, played by the always-hysterical Matt Lucas.

I’m pretty sure that Community would not have had a fourth season had it not been for Inspector Spacetime, so this is a good move on NBC’s part. Now if they could just accept that untitled web series about him…

Speaking of which, I’ll be chatting with Travis Richey, Inspector (and Not-Inspector) Spacetime himself in a few days and we’ll be getting some details on that wonderful web series without a real name.

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