This piece of art schools Borderlands devs on “Girlfriend Mode”

As you may well be aware (especially if you follow me on Twitter), one of the developers for the upcoming video game title, Borderlands 2, made a little faux pas recently when he referred to a separate mode in the new game as “girlfriend mode.” This mode is for those who “suck at FPS” (his words, not mine), basically making the assumption that females just can’t video game very well.

There was outrage across the internet and on my Twitter feed. For many, it was a slip of the tongue, just something that couldn’t be helped, but for us girls who like to game, it was something more. It was proof positive that sexism is so inherent in the video gaming industry that little remarks like that aren’t even taken that seriously because they’re just accepted. It’s a mentality that girls just aren’t that good at games.

In 2012, this mentality is still so ingrained in developers’ minds that they still don’t understand how sexist it is. Sometimes, I really think those guys are living in Mad Men.

Anyway, this isn’t about the controversy or my opinion on the matter. This is about this wonderful piece of art that a friend of mine produced shortly thereafter. This, I think, sums up everything beautifully.

From Nimlas Studios

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