StoryBundle supports indie authors

As a recently-published indie author, I try to find things that support what we do. Self-publishing is definitely not easy and getting the word out there about your book is even harder. However, there are some great start-ups that are changing that and StoryBundle is one of those.

StoryBundle is similar to the indie game bundles you’ll see all over the internet. A group of digital self-published novels by indie authors are chosen and offered for a price that you name yourself. So you get a variety of reading material for whatever you choose to pay for it. The books are DRM-free and can be read on whatever device you choose.

The current bundle features work by one of my new favorites, Joe Lallo. I’ve said a lot about his wonderful The Book of Deacon series on GoodReads, as well as on other social media sites. He’s one of those wonderful authors that most of you probably have never read.

So check out StoryBundle here. Support indie authors!

And in case you’re wanting to do more for indie authors, I’ve written a book, too: Zeus, Inc.┬ánow vailable on Smashwords, Amazon, and iBooks.

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