Guest Post: Lockout brings us into a sci-fi space prison

Lockout is a fictional action movie directed by James Mather. Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace and Peter Stormare act as the protagonists. It tells about a duel on a space station called Lockout.

First, let’s pay close attention to the story described in the film. In a future world, there are no longer enough prisons. In this case, human beings create prisons that orbit around the earth, on space stations. In one of these prisons, many felons are imprisoned. The prison is strictly guarded, supposedly unbreakable. However, there are always some accidents that cannot be forecasted.

One day, the daughter of the president, Emilie Warnock, pays a visit to the prison in order to maintain human rights. Her bodyguard’s gun is taken away by a prisoner because of a mistake during their dialogue. Quickly, a riot and escape from prison organized by lots of crime bosses takes place in the prison. The President’s daughter has a narrow escape. But obviously, the prison has already been controlled by prisoners. Those criminals aim to negotiate with the government. The president’s daughter won’t be safe if she stays there.  Soldiers try to rescue her and then totally destroy the islet-like prison. The person who gets the task to save the president’s daughter is a spy who has a criminal past – Marion Snow. He was framed during a task to be a traitor. Now, he can only get free again if he takes the president’s daughter back to the world safely. So, he goes into the prison. A bloody rescue trip begins.

Guy Pearce Breaks the Interstellar Blockade

The hero, played by Guy Pearce, needs to break away from the interstellar blockades. At the same time, he has to confront the hunting from hundreds of rioters. In addition to rescuing the president’s daughter, he is required to destroy the enormous space prison. An unprecedentedly shocking effect is presented with wonderful stunts that cost a large sum of money, arranged by Luc Besson.

There are always many splendid fictional movies screened during the summer vacation. In 2012, Lockout successfully draws the most attention by its excellent creativity and luxurious final battle scene. The prison is monitored by space prison police, an international space station monitoring center and a globe monitoring center. Various high-tech weapon systems are set up inside the prison. Prisoners sent here cannot escape. But in 2079, the world cannot keep quiet any longer. A rebellion begins!

Lockout is now available in the US on DVD and a variety of streaming platforms.

Author bio: The style of a future world is extended in Lockout. But more dense fictional and amazing effects are blended into this film. To know more, just pay a visit to Katherine’s

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