Still no female Shepard planned for Mass Effect film

It was announced last year that the Bioware Mass Effect series would be making it into film form. And why not? The game features some of the best story telling seen in any medium in quite some time. However, some new details have emerged on the script. And obviously, I’m not happy.

Detail #1: The new film will focus on events from the first game. Originally, we were told that the movie would have a separate story from the games, but I guess the writers thought better of that. As I feel the games’ story is strong enough to carry a movie, I have no issue with this.

Detail #2: This is where I get downright irked. Shepard will be male. There was apparently not even a consideration of a female Shepard, although the character is pretty popular with fans of the series. Really? In this day and age, we still cannot conceive of a female being portrayed on film as a leader? REALLY? Male Shepard is okay, but most fans of the series agree that the female version of the character made the game a bit more complex and interesting.

Detail #3: Seth Green may or may not be playing the Joker. Originally, we were told that he wouldn’t. Which made me decide the movie wouldn’t be worth my time. And if he isn’t, I still think it’s not worth my time. No Seth Green and no female Shepard? Don’t even bother showing me a trailer. I don’t want to see it.

There’s a bit more information on the Legendary Films FAQ about the movie. I say we hit them with tweets, emails and whatever else we can to demand a female Shepard and to demand Seth Green. Because otherwise, the movie cannot possibly live up to the game (and remember, we are talking about the first game here, the one that every gamer pretty much adores).

Anyway, I’m taking the time to let Legendary and Bioware know of my unhappiness about the film shutting down the idea of a female lead in the film. Join me by tweeting @LegendaryEnt and @Bioware and @MassEffect.

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