New content coming to The Secret World July 31st

For a game that’s only been around for a month, the crew behind The Secret World aren’t resting on their laurels. In fact, they’re promising brand spanking new content at the end of this month and new content every single month.

I’ve been playing the game religiously since it was released and it just keeps surprising me (although now that I’m on the Savage Coast, I realize the importance of playing with a friend – whew it’s hard).

So what can we expect? This is just a taste:┬ámonthly mission packs (including more investigation missions), new weapons, raids (including one in New York City), expanded character customization and plastic surgery, a new PvP dungeon in a new geographical area, a dungeon finder tool, seasonal events (obviously, TSW can’t ignore Halloween), two large adventure areas, more social gameplay in the London hub and enhanced combat.

I have to admit that this is the first MMO that I’ve played that is not only worth the $59.99 price tag for the game itself but worth the monthly subscription, too. I can’t wait!

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