Michael Fassbender signs on to Assassins Creed movie

Video game movies most often suck, but there are some future projects I think we can all get excited about. One of those is the Assassins Creed movie. Now I’d heard rumors of a movie for a few years and feel it’s one of those games that has enough story behind it to work well on the big screen.

Well now, things on that front are even more exciting. The absolutely beautiful and wonderful Michael Fassbender is set to not only star in the Assassins Creed film, but to also co-produce it. There is no word as to who Fassbender will play in the film, but my bet is on Desmond Miles, the lead character. And that makes me extremely happy because I feel Fassbender is a perfect fit for the character.

Ubisoft will be producing the film independently (although Sony had recently been tied into the project). This is also great news as it means the story will, more than likely, stay true to the video game series. Sony may still stay on as the movie’s distributor, however.

Source: Variety

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