Karen Gillan to star in horror film

I love how the internet works. You post a review of a movie you discovered on Netflix (Absentia), and one of the movie’s stars and producers notices that you’re a Whovian and tweets you a link to a story that the same writer/director will be working with Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan soon.

According to Variety, Gillan is set to tstar in the supernatural film Oculus for Intreped. The film will be about a woman whose life was destroyed as a child after her parents were murdered and her brother was arrested for the crime. The girl, however, believes the death of her parents is due to more supernatural forces. In the movie, it’s 10 years later and although the brother has come to terms with his fate, the sister (which I am assuming is Gillan) is determined to find out what really killed their parents.

This sounds like a similar sort of film to Absentia as it seems to be focused on the relationship between the two siblings, which was part of what made that particular film work so well.

Production for Oculus begins this fall.

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