Guest post: 5 Must-Have Items for Your Cosplay Emergency Kit

Whether you’re new to cosplay or you’re a con veteran, costume mishaps can happen to any cosplayer when he/she least expects them. With travel considerations, excited crowds, unfamiliar hotel rooms and the weather conditions of a new city all wreaking havoc, the costume you toiled over will undergo a lot of stress before you even reach the convention hall.

The good news is that, if your costume is well-made and you bring the right tools in your emergency kit, you can fix most malfunctions as soon as they happen. The following tips are also useful for repairing Halloween or convention costumes. Let’s take a look at some common cosplay mishaps and the tools you’ll need to nip them in the bud.

Your shoes are falling to pieces.

Cons can require a lot of walking, which can push your high heeled boots, sandals or shoes to their limits. To avoid limping around the conference hall — or worse, having to replace your cosplay shoes with flip-flops — make sure to pack Super Glue in your emergency kit. Not only can Super Glue quickly repair your footwear, it’s the perfect fix for reattaching jewels and other accessories that might fall off your costume. Just be careful not to glue your fingers together (it happens more than you think)!

You’re literally coming apart at the seams.

A loose thread on your costume could easily turn into a full-on Janet Jackson style wardrobe malfunction if you leave it unattended. If you bring nothing else with you to the conference hall, bring an emergency sewing kit. Con Survival suggests including at least two needles, and spools of thread in all of the colors that appear on your costume.

Someone spilled ketchup on your corset.

Food accidents happen. Unfortunately, if they happen on your costume you won’t have time to run back to your hotel room and wait for a full wash and dry cycle. Carry a package of wet wipes with you to quickly take care of any spills. Wet naps can also be used to remove deodorant stains from Halloween costumes for adults or kids, shine your shoes or remove your makeup at the end of the night.

Your crown, helmet or headdress falls off and breaks.

If you drop or bump your headpiece and it cracks, sticking dark-colored duct tape inside the helmet can keep it together for the rest of the con. You can also use your Super Glue to reinforce the repair, especially for heavier pieces. Krystal of recommends bringing along double-sided fabric tape to help keep costumes in place.

The afternoon hits and your face is melting.

What do you get when you mix a head-to-toe costume, a packed convention hall and constant movement? Lots and lots of sweat. Be sure to bring makeup to the convention hall. If you’re pressed for space, a basic black makeup kit will allow you to do various touch-ups; it can also double as paint if any of the darker areas of your costume need to be filled in.

Super Glue, a sewing kit, duct tape, wet wipes and black makeup are the five emergency essentials that will remedy most costume issues. If you have even more space, YouTube user Nekoenjeru recommends some additional emergency tools, including items to keep wigs looking their best.

Making repairs to cosplay costumes can be a quick and simple process, if you prepare in advance. Having an emergency kit handy is the best way to stay stress-free, have fun and make sure your masterpiece looks amazing from start to finish.

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