Eureka: how a series finale is supposed to be

I’ll admit that I’m typing this review through a cloud of tears that are fogging up my vision. But, fortunately, although I am sad to see Eureka go, I am happy that this series finale was the final gift that SyFy allowed the show’s creators, writers, cast and crew to give us. It really stands as a testament as to what made this show so wonderful.

Be warned: the following contains spoilers:

After last week’s episode, Holly’s memory has been wiped and the town of Eureka has been notified that they’re being shut down.

Although it wasn’t originally planned that way, this plot device was a great set-up to one final episode.

There are also have wormholes running amuck because what is Eureka without some technology gone awry? So not only does everyone have to say good-bye and make the choices that they’ll have to make to move on, but they also have to keep the town from getting chewed up by these crazy wormholes.

It’s so very Eureka.

Meanwhile, Grace is very surely on her way to jail after being found out to have been a spy for Beverly Barlowe.

It was a busy episode, but not so much so that it felt like a tagged on episode. I’m still not sure how they pulled off wrapping up every storyline and giving the show a great send-off, but wow. Just wow.

While Jack is off chasing wormholes, with the help of Deputy Andy, Fargo has staged a sit-in protest and is making phone calls to whoever will listen in a final bid to save the town. Holly slowly recovers her memory and remembers what a great guy Fargo is (and hasn’t his character path been an amazing one?) and Zane and Jo begin to finally tackle what their future will be.

In the end, we know the wormhole issue will get resolved, as it does. And we know that Zane and Jo HAVE to be together, and they are, getting finally engaged after, what felt to me, forever. And Henry tracks down Beverly and gets her to make an anonymous tip that gets Grace released.

And all of these loose story lines get wrapped up nice and neatly without ever feeling contrived.

By this point, I was already in tears and would have been happy to say good-bye to the series and the town as the governent shut it down.

But there was one little thing still bothering me. In a Q&A I had with the show’s creator Jaime Paglia and actor Colin Ferguson, I specifically asked about the return of Dr. Trevor Grant (James Callis). They both laughed nervously, mumbled something about spoilers and told me that I would just have to watch and see. As anyone could tell, that was a yes!

But Dr. Grant hadn’t turned up yet and the show was almost over. But then Fargo gets a mysterious phone call that someone has bought Eureka. That’s when it hit me: I had inadvertently spoiled the end of the episode when I’d asked that question! Yes, it turns out that Dr. Grant has become a very rich entrepreneur and has bought Eureka. And everyone can now stay and live happily ever after.

But wait, there’s more! Because this is Eureka, after all. A perfect summation of the show is given by by the final scene: As Jack is driving Zoe back to the airport, they pass another car. Looking into the vehicle, they see themselves as they were when they first came to town. Jack’s response: “We’ll deal with that tomorrow.”

This last moment brought the show to a satisfying conclusion. Because somehow it feels that Eureka is still out there having all of its science and techie misadventures. I would certainly like to think so.


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