Web Series Wednesday: The Unknown

By now, you now that I try to celebrate new content on the web as much as possible. I believe this is the future of entertainment and I believe that satellite and cable companies need to start worrying now as this content is only getting better and better.

So what’s new? Crackle’s The Unknown. It’s a supernatural anthology starring Dominic Monaghan created by Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy) with directors from hit series like The Walking Dead and Mad Men. It’s creepy and scary and the episode “Prime Cut” specifically is not for the squeamish.

And even better? All six 20+ minute episodes are free to watch if you have an internet connection. You can either watch online at Crackle’s website or you can watch via XBox Live via the Crackle app. I’m honestly surprised that this hasn’t seemed to be getting a lot of press online.

Here’s a trailer to entice you:

[tubepress video=”Lp9OP7UdbhQ”]

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