Comic Con Round-Up: The year of epic and why Matt Smith is the coolest

Well, it seems that this year’s San Diego Comic Con turned out be rather momentous. I could not keep up with all the news coming out of it. So in case you missed anything awesome, I’ve put together the list of announcements and things that I’m most excited about.

Alex Ross’ cover for Volume One of The Tower Chronicles was previewed. It serves as just another reminder of why he’s my favorite comic book artist of all time. The comic will be released in November.

Matt Smith, otherwise known as the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who, took over BBCAmerica’s Twitter account over the course of the weekend. He tweeted about how he’s run out of pants and how otters are cool (I like otters now, otters are cool). He also posted a ton of cool photos of himself with show co-stars Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. Matt also tweeted about his favorite villain, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain. And as proof that Matt Smith really is the Doctor:

The Firefly reunion panel. Apparently, many tears were shed. Fortunately, someone put the entire thing on YouTube:

[tubepress video=”V85olh2aZ34″]


Peter Jackson showed off 12 minutes from The Hobbit film. Unfortunately, that is not (and probably won’t be) on YouTube. But those who were present seemed rather impressed.

A teaser for Man of Steel was screened, along with this awesome-looking poster.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog will be airing on The CW. I’m hoping this is a teaser for some new episodes (I can dream, right?).

Captain Hook will be coming to season 2 of Once Upon A Time. We’ve also been promised that we’ll finally find out who Henry’s father is.

Game of Thrones revealed new actors set to be cast for season 3 of the series.

Inspector Spacetime fandom will be getting more screen time in the new season of Community.

The new armor for Iron Man 3 was revealed.

Neil Gaiman is giving us a Sandman prequel. Yes, Sandman is returning and we now get to find out what his story was! Being that Sandman was the main reason I took up comic book reading in the first place, this makes me extremely happy.

It was announced that Daniel Radcliffe will be starring in the movie adaptation of Joe Hill’s Horns. I wasn’t entirely too excited about the project when I initially heard it was being developed into a screenplay, but this bit of casting news has quelled most of my fears.

The sequel to Captain America will be called Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Yes, for those of you familiar with the comics, this could very well mean that Bucky is still alive.

Joss Whedon will have a major role in the new season for the web series Husbands (which I keep telling you all to watch).

The Fringe Season 5 trailer has been released! And it looks like we’ll get to see what’s happening in the future after last season’s teaser episode there.

[tubepress video=”aTiAL19rej4″]


Bryan Fuller hinted at possible new Pushing Daisies content that is not a comic or or mini-series. Maybe a web series? I don’t care! I’d be happy with ANYTHING to bring that show back.

Obviously, tons of other news is coming out of the convention, but I skipped over most of the fluff and sparkly vampires.

Finally, this happened. This is the penultimate of fangirl for me:

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